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Social Taboos That We Need To Smash Right Now

India is a land where genius mathematicians invented zero and people created social taboos. There are lots of things in our society that are frowned upon because of our narrow-mindedness and … Continue reading

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Will JNU Remain As A Progressive Space?

Source : YouthKiAwaaz/Sourodipto Sanyal Consequences of an event organised by some students from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi on February 9 to question the execution of Afzal Guru has … Continue reading

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Women, yeah women

There is no staying away from politics… I am trying to avoid political writing for a little while. But I think the ghost of Lenin has gotten into me through … Continue reading

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Most misused policy in Facebook – ‘authentic name’

Kerala, a southern state of India is known for its leftist and progressive politics. The very first democratically elected government in Kerala was from the left front. The state stands … Continue reading

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The study room is a collage. New interpretations of metaphors, expect no allegory, there is no end and moral..women from time they roam about freely in my study. A few scattered papers … Continue reading

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Had it been herstories.

While reading about meditation, Buddhism, Zen, spirituality, absolute truths about human wisdom etc etc, there is one evident fact that as a militant feminist I cannot ignore. The majority of … Continue reading

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Well, do you really think Jingoism is a counter argument against patriarchy?

It is time the national media in India (Yeah , the same celebrated fourth estate who were told to leave Nepal soon after the devastating natural calamity for their exceptional … Continue reading

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