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Don’t you dare to have Democracy as the best alternative?

Democracy can be best compared to Captain Jack Sparrow’s compass. It is peculiar in many ways. A compass is made to show directions, point to north and guide the sailors. Jack’s compass is different. It does not point to north, nor does it show directions in a conventional way. The compass senses it’s holder’s deepest and strongest desire and it points to that direction where one can find what they need the most.

Compass ReadingPost Feudalism, the bourgeoisie molded democracy into something like Captain Jack’s compass. Imperialism rendered democracy as a Jack’s compass to the capitalists. They could use democracy to attain what they wanted the most, power or wealth as their heart pleased. Is democracy supposed to be a tool for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer? No and in it’s most indigenous sense it does not associate itself with the economy of a society. Equality in all the aspects and people’s rule, yet, rule by which people is not legitimized in any form. A society with a majority of fascists could use democracy to elect a deadly fascist as their leader and that will be most justified in it’s rational sense.

The way the American governments worry about how to spread democracy across the globe and enact their self appointed role of world savior would make one think, is democracy the last stop for progress?

No, the system attaches no such obligations to it’s existence and it gives nothing but a conformist view of the society which adapts it. When a particular society’s majority becomes rational thinkers then one could say that there democracy would work the best. As much a useless system democracy was in it’s original sense for the societies where mass thinking had no trace of rationality as much a useless system it is in the present day societies where thinking is massively controlled and manipulated by the capitalists.8UmIu

Media by enlarge is controlled by the capitalists, and the plurality of that word is not representative. Repeatedly we hear reports from independent sources that the world’s wealth is controlled by a handful of rich people. Stripping equality and opportunity off democracy and by implementing rulers into power using undemocratic means the handful of rich are able to control and possess the fruits of labor of millions of proletarian around the world. And media is the sharpened knife aiding such a purpose. They are the Jack Sparrows who use that particular compass, democracy, which leads them to what they the need the most. It does not by itself fail it’s functions. But it is such a vulnerable tool in our world that believing in the decisions made by a majority seems like a futile act. Those who hold democracy will be able to get to their heart’s desires through democracy. The decision making of the majority is easily manipulated by the media, by the god men and by the leaders with vested interests.

In a less romanticized note, to latine loqui, democracy is used by the capitalists. The system by itself cannot be blamed, but when it is said that people will rule, the interrogative ‘which people’ should be raised. The working class conscience should urgently be cleared off irrational perspectives, superstitious ways of analysis, and blind conventions of life.

Democracy did not bring us class equality and it will not lead us to a classless society, until the people who run democracy are class conscious proletarians.

The society has to be transformed from within and outside, but most importantly from within. The last bit of capitalism and feudalism can only be traced down thus and then only it can be eliminated effectively.Until then democracy will remain as that tool which gives capitalism what it wants the most.

Maya Leela


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