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The system and a few of us who view it from the peripheries

When you go against system it fights back. It has taught you to accept injustice. It taught you, shit happens and you live with it. You are comfortable seeing oppression and being oppressed. There are a few of us who wants to refute. We want to break the system, the system of robotic unfairness. 3/4th of the world’s population lives chained to this system and the other 1/4th rules/dictates/frames/alters this system. There are two groups thus, one which you and I are in and the other one which contains people who are beyond our imagination of existence. So there is a super set of human race then two subsets, of rulers and of those who are being ruled.

N2U_AaronSwartz3The being ruled subset is always at unease, because there are elements like Aaron Swartz who realize the chains of the system and are trying to break free. They suspect that breaking free will make lives better. Lives of every being. Everyone in the race is born with everything the nature provides for its beings, but what happens with the highly evolved cognition-language processing race is that we snatch, steal and we accumulate. We refuse to use things only as needed and let others use it for their need. No, we have to own resources and we have to own this value of life based on money. The more money a person has the more his worth is, that is how the system has taught you. Anything you do in life becomes a goal to reach that “worth” of life in which you have money accumulated on your name. Like he very well wrote once ‘the preservers of status quo’. You agree or not, you are unable to define your own happiness. What is it that makes you truly happy? You have no idea! You think an increased salary, a better car, an advanced phone or a better house or fame will make you happy. No these are the things that the system has taught you as happiness.


You are a failed being in the animal kingdom which cannot even appreciate and acknowledge its own happiness. How many of us gets happy with a day’s meal and a good night sleep?? Really, how many of us can be content with these!! No that has become something so below our consciousness that we hardly notice the happiness of being able to exist. The evolution, whatever it has cracked into us apart from the closest relative it has made this race fall into a sleepy zombie state. Yes the same system that you are born into you live and you die into.

You imagine a black egg, thick black egg which is situated in the middle of a well lit room. There are many kinds of rays travelling in the room and falling on to the egg. Some of the rays are strong enough to break a hole in the shell and penetrate inside. The egg is our thinking, the rays are the stepping stones to freedom. We are so weak to handle its brightness, because we are so used to the darkness that we prefer it being dark. Some of us do seem to capture one or two rays and work towards it, yet the other areas remain unlit through out.

So there are these two groups and from the subset of people who gets ruled a few elements attain saturation at an early stage and break free. That freedom is not predicted or dictated by the other set in the system which rules and so it cannot accept this freedom. It tries to wipe out the newly found freedom which disobeys the system.
So you see this man going out from your group, some of us who has this uneasiness about injustice bubbling up inside see him and recognize his value but we are jealous that we cannot do it ourselves we hardly support him, and then there are these other people who are so hypnotized by the system they cannot even recognize that the reality of life has been shaped by the greed of the rich. They will condemn those who try to break free, they will stone them to death.
Aaron swartz wanted to break free, he did, he realized the system’s trap. But as I said the system fights back with all its will and might that it killed him.
Its like that movie matrix, the same mystery is explained, the system. But even though we have all seen it and realized it, we forget about it so soon that we fall right into the welcoming warm hands of the system.

We cannot break free, because when the whole world is ready to fight you and chain you down, you need a ‘Goliathic’ might, will power and effort to stand on your own and fight back. Yes, and sometimes a little support from another being will be the greatest boost.

You never know, that might just help us break the whole system and give everyone in our race a fair chance to life.
Remembering everyone who broke free from the system………

PS: something from his personal blog.


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