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The rise of fascism

In America before the 2004 Presidential election, Michael Moore, a film maker, had arranged a campaign across 60 cities of US asking young Americans to vote so that the capitalist fascist Bush will not be given a chance again. Through his previous films he had exposed the true profession of W Bush. Bush was only a businessman and for his business to thrive he killed millions of people, both Americans and people from the rest of the world. Some of them from US had realised that their President did not serve the people but catered only his own career as a businessman and his colleagues who were businessmen too. Michael Moore had filmed his campaign and in the starting of that documentary it says thus;

“Fearing four more years of George W Bush a cadre of rock musicians, hip-hop artists and citizen groups went out on the road with their own shadow campaigns…This is the story of one filmmaker’s failed attempt to turn things around”

At the dawn of fascism, though late, should we not ask; how many responsible people among us tried to slow it down?

All through the history of mankind there were people who realised the dangers of capitalism and fascism which made them revolt against such rulers and rulerships. The capitalists, the rich and the elite they work in perfect accordance with fascism. There is a perception of superiority, a self created image of being important than other people. The capitalists never cared for the common man, the elites never cared, and the fascists will first give you a feeling of belonging and then slowly you will be cast aside.

In India, the warning signs of fascism came crystal clear to us. A few protested, a few raised their voices, but the majority of the youth and the so called intellectuals played it low, the former ignorantly and the latter conveniently.What is to worry if the leadership is in favor of the Indian majority, and the identity of Indian majority? When a political party which is based on principles that ensures supremacy of men over women, of upper caste over lower caste, of one religion over another, who should be worried?

psyche-of-hindu-fascismWhen a political party who favors the rich and the elite as their Samskriti who should be worried?

As a matter of fact, let’s not overdo things and give this danger situation more value than it deserves. Because since the Hindu right wing nationalists came to power, and they are sure about being in power for another umpteen years (we say umpteen with the uncertainty because unless there is a civil war or military take over, it would be difficult to strip them off power if they are to prove dangerous to the democratic India), let’s hope that they will not immediately take any alarming measures against the minority/women/other religious citizens.

But they will be slow in action, they will implement the centuries old superstitions as science, they will impart irrational conventions as customs and culture, they will infiltrate history and alter it in favor of their supremacy, they will impose inequality in the name of god!

It is not the case that youth or educated in India fail to see this, but it is their hope that “I am safe” and “since my position being safe let them do the needful to the country”. They think they belong to the identity of Hindutva sentiments, that this is “our” men up there who are ruling and they will rule for our good. The sense of belonging is highly undemocratic and solely based on communal and jingoistic ideas. Is the educated Indian middle class oblivious to this? The unfortunate fact is that not only that they are not ignorant but that they think it is the right thing to do, that it is a body of practising upper caste, communalism favoring men should rule the country. And as usual democracy has fallen as a puppet to fascism. The nation chose a government which they think is apt.

Coming back to Bush, in between the tour, Michael Moore’s speech in many places was cancelled, rich businessmen offered millions of dollars to the hosting institutions and organisations if they did not let Michael Moore speak. They called him anti Christ, there were protests in the place of his speeches (that is the first step fascism takes, cut off the freedom of speech). People shouted ‘make love only after war’, ‘pro war pro Bush’ and ‘god is acting on America through Bush’. We saw a rather irrational and naive remark from a self claimed gods spokesperson called Rahul Eshwar yesterday through his Twitter account. Like how American rich conservative businessmen spread the lie that Iraq is going to attack US and take over the Christian faith, the rich Hindu nationalist conservatives spread such lies about Pakistan and Muslims and the mass conscience obediently absorb it.  We have seen such sentimental pro war outbursts from our own nationalist hindus. And they are no different. The leaders of the right wing party have claimed themselves as appointed by god, like Hitler did, like Bush did.

And we have a businessman becoming our Prime Minister who is backed by a conservative nationalist party.

If there is a god that god represents the rich powerful man, history proved us so, and the godsmen of present times will only live up to that heritage. It is the rise of fascism, decline of rationality, freedom of speech and democracy. There is nothing anyone can do at this hour or for the coming hours, than just raise feeble protests the minute anti democratic measures start to surface. Another thing to do will be to just sincerely wish that India will give birth to more Arundhati Roys, Romila Thapars and more sensible, rational thinkers.


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