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The autocracy is ready,be warned

Religion is based on irrational concepts. Over all these centuries very many religions have claimed about their all powerful god/s, yet we still have no objective, measurable, provable evidence for the existence of god. It is a belief built upon the uncertainties of human incapacity and ignorance. Yet every individual can act on his/her choice to depend on an illusionary hope for their survival. Our constitution protects that choice. Whether a citizen is a rational thinker or an irrational dreamer the constitution provides equal security to them, and that is how an efficient constitution must work.

When a religion creeps into governance and constitution, it results in inequality and biased policies. The religion of the governing body will be enforced upon every citizen. The constitution and the law almost always reside in the hands of the governing body. The danger has not shown it’s face so clearly to us. The root cause of conflicts between religions is that they all claim their god is the real god and the all powerful god. None would be ready to accept other gods. When such a conflict exist underneath every secular society, what could happen if one religion gets to rule the society? They will claim it is their ‘raaj’ (rule) that will be done. They will enforce their doctrines and dogmas to the society, their ways of life. It will be illegal and criminal to question the authority or existence of their god, their customs and their superstitions.

religion-and-politics2If a country is ruled by a particular religion, and if that religion demands the women to be covered in clothing according to their specification they will enforce that upon every women in the country, no matter if you are of the faith or you revere that particular god. Irrational and unjustifiable. If a country is ruled by a religion, whose holy books forbid slaughtering of cows and beef eating, then they will coerce that upon every citizen, irrespective of your faith. Equally irrational and unjustifiable. Religion is something that should be an intra individual concept and not a law or a common guidance to society’s life.

Economic policies cannot be built upon religion, so the natural tendency of any conservative religious government will be to resort to capitalist policies; the free market and such. This is a double faced monster for a poor citizen who is from different religion or an atheist. A society which practices inequality in economy and treats people of different faith as enemies is no good a society and no stability can be expected from such a society. We know the Republican party of US is a conservative party and they follow capitalism, and we have also seen what happened to the average christian citizens of US and what happened to the muslim people around the world, under Bush regime.

When O Rajagopal, the BJP party member, accuses the citizens of a state for not electing a government based on their religion, he implies that it is religion which should govern societies and that people must judge a representative and a body of representatives based on their religion and not on their politics. If one considers the politics of a right wing nationalist party, one can clearly see that they place heavy bars on individual freedom and freedom of speech. A human being can live according to his/her sexual orientation,  a human being can eat according to his/her health and taste, a human being can live according to his/her rationality, a human being can choose his/her way of life as long as it doesn’t disrupt the co habitants in any irrational or unjust way. The advocates of a religion which prohibits freedom to such choices becoming  the government is only going to do harm to the society and it is a deterrent practice in a democratic system. Another point which Mr Rajagopal took to accuse people of Kerala is about ignoring love for our country. It will be illogical to consider that every single person who voted for the right wing party has done it because of the love of country. The welfare of a democratic country is not dependant upon the religion of it’s rulers. Love for your country which gives you constitutional security and rights should be expressed by rightfully practicing the duties which the same constitution details. Love for the nation does not mean you declare war on the other countries of a different faith, or you point your finger and terrorize people of different faith or way of life. If there is anything that is against the love of nation that is an attitude of pro war, capitalism and jingoism. Mr Rajagopal declares Kerala is to be faced with avoidance from central ministry because Kerala did not vote for their party. Though he has said that in the context of deciding ministers, it can be viewed as a general approach of his party politics. They might not consider people who has not voted for them and that is the most dangerous approach a democracy must adopt. He also blames the intellectuals who were educated in Europe and who has developed thought processes in the supposed ‘western’ ways. Has Mr Rajagopal conveniently forgotten that Syama Prasad Mookerjee the founder of BJS, former BJP had obtained his amount of higher education from Britain? He blames about following ideologies formed in Russia and Germany. Is Mr Rajagopal overlooking the fact that RSS, the ideology pool from which the lotus of BJP has sprung, had openly supported Adolf Hitler of Germany and said that their policies must be followed and it was Italian fascist parties which inspired the formation of RSS?

Such facts can no longer be raised without some right wing extremist pointing his finger at you and threatening to be punished for sedition. They make the law, they define right and wrong and the citizens abide.

India will no longer remain a democracy, the party coming to power has it’s policies based on sectionalism. They will keep and treat the society in circles. One group who can be assured about being in the innermost circle, which will receive all the benefits of power, will be rich upper caste and class men. The middle class Indian citizens who are ecstatic about having a right wing party in power will only get to the side effects of this in a later stage, when the oppressed lower class has been entirely suppressed.

O son of Prtha, those who take shelter in Me, though they be of lower birth–women, vaisyas [merchants], as well as sudras [workers]–can approach the supreme destination. B G 9:32

Nothing written or spoken now will change the course of events that is bound to happen to India under the right wing nationalist party, yet people deserve a warning. The autocracy is ready, be warned.


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