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Social Taboos That We Need To Smash Right Now

India is a land where genius mathematicians invented zero and people created social taboos. There are lots of things in our society that are frowned upon because of our narrow-mindedness and intolerance. Breaking a taboo in our society is like committing a social suicide. Outcasts have always been treated with sheer criticism in our society. The society ostracizes what is unorthodox and different. Different doesn’t mean wrong. While we eagerly wait for achhe din, there are some social taboos that need to be extirpated which are decelerating the growth of country.


Breaking a taboo in Indian society is like committing a social suicide

Breaking a taboo in Indian society is like committing a social suicide


We live in a society where kissing is not allowed in the country, but pissing is. Indulging in sexual activities is like committing an offence. Sex is not an offence; it is a celebration of human touch. Our bodies need sex just as we need food and water. Having no sex education is the main reason why rapes occur in our society. Safe sex requires only two C’s; condom and consent. As long as there are these two things involved, there is nothing wrong about it.


Women need to stop using pseudonyms for their monthly affair and stop being shy or mortified while shopping for sanitary pads. Chemists need to stop wrapping the sanitary pads in numerous layers of wrappers; it is not an item of untouchability. Men need to stop acting like they know nothing about periods when they do. Society needs to stop not letting women enter temples. Everybody just needs to stop treating menstruation as disgust. It is just a healthy bodily function. Get along with it.


Live-in relationships

It is okay to lose your virginity to a stranger on the first night of your wedding, but it’s not okay to live with the person you love unless you are married. We Indians need to understand that marriage is not the foundation of a relationship. Some of us just want to have a serious, meaningful relationship which is not bound by the institution of marriage. Or, maybe some of us want to take it slow, one step at a time.

Single parent

Being a single parent is not an easy job. One has to perform the roles of both parents in child’s life. In most cases, becoming a single parent is circumstantial. While in few cases, there are people who choose parenthood over companionship. This may be exceptional but not wrong. Looking after own child single-handedly should be acknowledged and not criticized.


Divorce and second marriage

Not all marriages are successful. Sometimes, things don’t work out between two people. Therefore, it is wise to end the relationship instead of dragging it and making each other’s life miserable. Divorce is not a failure as society thinks of it. It’s a peaceful termination of an already dead relationship. While some couples get separated by mutual consent, some couples are parted by inevitable death. Loved ones are irreplaceable, but it is also okay to move on. Second marriage is like a fresh start, giving another shot at love and companionship. Life is not easy living alone. But the society doesn’t get it.


So what if people of same sexes love each other. People can have different sexual orientations and it is perfectly normal. It is high time we treat homosexuality with acceptance so that people can come out and stop living their lives as a secret. Straight, gay or bisexual; at the end of the day, we are all humans. Period.

The only way to abolish social taboos is when we become tolerant and pragmatic. These taboos are irrational and incoherent. We are transforming our lifestyle into a western mindset. Why not change our thinking then?



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